Melin Coronado Hydro

Last updated April 12, 2022

Melin Coronado Hydro

The Melin Coronado Hydro is available in three different styles and features a rope-trimmed visor. The Split Crushed Shape is similar to the Split shape on the Odyssey, but a more relaxed look.

The Coronado design includes Hydrophobic technology, aka “Hydro”. In short, Hydro technology repels water & sweat.

There’s an added layer of anti-microbial protection on the triple quilted moisture-wicking interior lining. The visor also keeps the hat buoyant, so it won’t sink.

These hats are built for water and sweat. No matter if you’re taking a dip in the lake or ocean, or walking the golf course on a hot day, all styles in the Hydro collection are water repellent and designed specifically to withstand the toughest water conditions.

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Melin Coronado Hydro Hats

To ensure a perfect fit, make sure to check out Melin’s handy hat fitting guide. The detailed measurements and diagrams help you determine what type of hats are best suited for your head size or shape.

Here’s all of the options for the Melin Coronado Hydro:

Melin Coronado Hydro FAQ’s

How do you clean Melin hats?

1. Run it under medium temperature running water. Soak the hat throughout.
2. Squirt a small amount of gentle dish soap into your hands and rub your hands together, like youre washing your hands.
3. Using your hands only, throughly wash your hat as you would if you where scrubbing it down with a towel or sponge. Make sure to also clean the interior of the hat.
4. Run it under warm water again and thoroughly wash out all of the soap using your hands only.
5. Shake out all excess water and air dry.

You can watch a full video here.


All hats and products are designed in California. Melin prides themselves on sourcing only the best materials from top of the line fabric mills from all around the world. Production is based in China. No detail is spared in the pursuit of high quality, and it shows in the finished product.

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