19 Perfect Fathers Day Wrapping Paper Options

Last Updated June 12, 2022

Fathers Day Wrapping Paper

Fathers Day is just around the corner. This year, step up your gifting game by giving dad a present thats wrapped in one of these unique and manly Fathers Day wrapping papers. From fishing lures to camouflage, these prints will let dad know that you put thought into his gift and that you know he’s the coolest guy around. So go ahead and make this Fathers Day one to remember, for both of you, with some of this amazing wrapping paper.

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Wrapping Paper for Fathers Day and More

6 different designs that work great for year round gifts, including fathers day! This masculine wrapping paper comes in 6 sheets, 27.5 X 39.4 inches each.

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Happy Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" gift wrapping paper for his special day. 19 in x 27 in.

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Classic Mens Wrapping Paper Variety Pack

Lots of mens gift wrap options in this great variety pack. Gift wrapping with classic men themes, Shoes & Glasses, Cars, Cassettes, Cars and more. 8 Sheets (17.5 x 30 inches)

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Ties and Lines

Great wrapping paper choice for year round gifts. Ties and lines designs work great for holidays, birthdays and any occasion. 6 sheets, 28 x 20 inches.

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Mustache Gift Wrapping Paper

Manly mustache gift wrapping paper for mens gifts. 2 rolls, 58 x 23 inches each.

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Beer Bottles Wrapping Paper for Men

A gift wrapped with beer bottles is perfectly appropriate for any dude. This mens birthday wrapping paper comes in 3 sheets, 30 x 20 Inches each.

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Vintage Gift Wrapping for Men

9 sheets of 3 different vintage poster designs that pair great with all gifts for men.

17.5 x 27.5 each sheet.

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Elegant Wrapping Paper Bundle

Elegant wrapping paper for any occasion. Dark Blue and Gold Lines, masculine wrapping paper. 3-Pack: 30 in x 14 ft each.

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Fathers Day Gift bag

Happy Father's Day

Large 13 inch "Happy Fathers Day" gift bag with tissue paper.

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Tool Theme Fathers Day Gift Bag

Tool bag fathers day gift bag. 13" x 10.5" x 5.8".

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6 Gift Bags with Tissue Paper

Great bundle for year round gift giving. Great for fathers day, birthday's and any occasion. 6 designs, includes tissue paper.

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Gift Wrapping Accessories

Gift Wrap Cutter

Make gift wrapping a little easier with this handy wrapping paper cutter. Featured on Shark Tank, this "Little Elf" was designed specifically to easily cut paper from a roll.

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Fathers Day Wrapping Paper FAQ’s

What is the best gift wrapping for men?

1) Focus on gift wrap options with designs and patterns that a typical man would be proud to show off in front of the guys.
2) Avoid colors and designs that are traditionally considered feminine (ex. pink colors, floral designs, etc).
3) If you know him well enough, you may be able to consider an option that may be considered borderline offensive to some, but funny to a man with a good sense of humor.

How do I wrap a gift?

WikiHow has great instructions to wrap a gift. If you need some help, we recommend taking a look at their step by step guide for how to wrap a gift. YouTube also has a lot of excellent videos that explain how to properly wrap a gift.

What supplies are needed to wrap a gift?

1) Wrapping paper.
2) Scissors.
3) Tape.
4) Ribbon or Bow.
5) Gift tag to let him know the gift is from you.