40+ Funny Wrapping Paper For Jokesters

Last Updated November 5, 2022

Funny Wrapping Paper

Put some extra thought into their presents this year by wrapping them in one of these unique and funny wrapping paper options, designed specifically for the men in your life.

Whether you’re looking for a design that’s rugged and masculine or something that’s just plain goofy, you’re sure to find the perfect paper to make your gifts stand out.

Ditch the boring old brown paper this year and show your guy how much you care with one of these one-of-a-kind wrapping paper designs.

Table of Contents

Funny Gift Wrapping

A gift that makes him laugh adds an extra level of enjoyment. Make his gift extra fun with these funny gift wrap options.

Personalized Wrapping Paper

Custom printed wrapping paper with his face and options for different background and message. 1 Roll - 58 in x 23 inches

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Happy Fucking Whatever

Happy Fucking Whatever with 4 gift tags included. 4 sheets, 27.5 x 19.5 inches each.

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You're Old AF

Funny, not so funny, wrapping paper for the man that's getting older. 3 Rolls of 24 in x 10 ft.

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Funny Wrapping Paper Toilet Paper Gift Wrap, Folded Flat 30 x 20 Inch, 3 Sheets

Toilet paper rolls gift wrapping paper for funny gift. 30 x 20 Inch, 3 Sheets

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Man Pooping on Toilet

A gift wrapped with a man sitting on his throne makes for a classic funny moment before he opens his gift. 1 roll, 30 in x 6 ft.

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Tiger Wrapping Paper

Tiger themed gift wrap for your Tiger King. 30 x 20 Inch, 3 Sheets

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Sexy Woman Gift Wrap

Funny gift wrapping for single guys. 58 in x 23 in, 1 Roll.

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Holiday Pinup Girl

Wrapping paper for single dudes. 3 Sheets, 27 in x 39 in.

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Marijuana Themed Gift Wrap

Weed gifts are more popular than ever. Top off his gift with this MJ themed gift wrapping paper. 1 Sheet, 2.3 ft x 3.3 ft.

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Weed, Bong, Edibles

Marijuana themed wrapping paper printed with Bongs, Weed Leafs, Pipes & Edibles. 2 Sheets, 2.3 ft x 3.3 ft.

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Funny Christmas Wrapping Paper

Masculine gift wrapping ideas for Christmas presents.

Santa Face

Let Santa Claus's face cover his gift. This cool design gives his gift a stylish and unique presentation. 3 rolls - 58 in x 23 in each.

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Fleece Feliz Navidad

Funny "Fleece Feliz Navidad" sheep wrapping paper. 1 roll, 30 in x 72 in.

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Krampus - Who's Naughty

Funny Christmas wrapping idea for the man that misbehaved and deserves to be visited by the one and only Krampus. 1 roll. 30 in x 7 feet.

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Bah Humbug

For the Scrooge in the family. He may say "Bah Humbug", but he'll still love the gift. Funny Christmas wrapping ideas. 1 roll, 30 in x 7 ft.

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Merry Fucking Christmas

Funny Christmas wrapping paper for his f-ing Christmas gift. Santas, snowmen, gingerbread people, presents, Christmas trees, angels, ornaments, hats, stars, candles and snowflakes all mingling with "Merry Christmas"! 1 roll, 30 in by 10 feet long.

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Christmas Santa Moon

Funny rude Santa flashing his butt. 2 sheets, 11 in x 27 in.

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Christmas Gift Bags Bundle

Funny bundle of Christmas gift bags with tissue paper. Pack of 3, red and green bags, includes tissue paper.

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Funny Gift Bags

Not all gifts need to be wrapped. Here’s our list of fun gift bags for men’s gifts:

Classy Man Gift Bag

Tuxedo gift bag for fathers day or any gift occasion for your man.

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Cheers! Beer Mug

Cheers! beer mug gift bag for mens gifts. 9" medium gift bag with tissue paper.

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Chewbacca Gift Bag

Large 13" Chewbacca gift bag for men that love Star Wars.

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Darth Vader Gift Bag

Star Wars Darth Vader gift bag. Large 13" gift bag includes lights and sounds.

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Camo Gift Bag

Camo gift bag for the man that loves to hunt.

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Large Manly Gift Box

7" large manly gift box with lid. Includes shredded paper for filling. Great gift option for any gift occasion.

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Weed Print Gift Bag

Large marijuana themed gift bag includes tissue paper.

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Prank Gift Boxes

These super funny mens gift boxes will have him laughing hard before he even sees the real gift that’s inside the box. Give him his gift in one of these funny prank gift boxes:

Roto Wipe - No more toilet paper!

The "Roto Wipe" promises to rid him of ever wiping himself again! Prank him with this funny gift box.

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Life is better with the “Tech Neck”

Put your real gift in this prank gift box. Be careful, when he opens the box, he may be disappointed that he didn't actually get the “Tech Neck”.

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Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Introducing "Sizzl - Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets”. He'll be stunned for a moment, but he'll hopefully recover when he see's his real gift inside the box.

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Hide-A-Poo Gift Box

Life is easier when you can just hide the dog poop under these "rocks". Gag gift box for men's gifts.

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The "iArm" Gift Box

Prank gift box for his gift. The "iArm" promises to make his tech more accessible with this gadget.

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The “Crib Dribbler” for new Dads

New Dads will love this. Prank him with this “Crib Dribbler” gift box. The new kid can feed himself while in the crib.

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Baby's First Gambling Kit

Dad's have to teach the little ones how to play poker at some point. Get them started early with this gambling kit for baby's... Just kidding of course, but it's a great prank box for his gift.

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The “Plant Urinal”

What will he think about the all new “Plant Urinal”? Great gift box for any occasion.

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Funny Valentines Day Wrapping Paper

Red and Black Plaid

Classic manly plaid design wrapping paper with 4 git tags and 4 bows. Roll is 30 in x 12 feet.

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Fingering the Hole

Funny wrapping paper for when you want to tell him something without saying it. 19 in x 27 in, 2 sheets.

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If you're sweet, he should do you

This gift bag make it clear that you're sweet, and that he should "do something sweet". The gift bag could be empty and he'd still be happy with your sweetness, but place a gift in the bag to make Valentine's Day even sweeter.

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Funny Fathers Day Gift Wrap

Fathers day gift wrapping and gift bags:

Wrapping Paper for Fathers Day and More

6 different designs that work great for year round gifts, including fathers day! This masculine wrapping paper comes in 6 sheets, 27.5 X 39.4 inches each.

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Happy Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" gift wrapping paper for his special day. 19 in x 27 in.

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6 Gift Bags with Tissue Paper

Great bundle for year round gift giving. Great for fathers day, birthday's and any occasion. 6 designs, includes tissue paper.

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Happy Father's Day

Large 13 inch "Happy Fathers Day" gift bag with tissue paper.

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Tool Theme Fathers Day Gift Bag

Tool bag fathers day gift bag. 13" x 10.5" x 5.8".

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Gift Wrapping Accessories

Gift Wrap Cutter

Make gift wrapping a little easier with this handy wrapping paper cutter. Featured on Shark Tank, this "Little Elf" was designed specifically to easily cut paper from a roll.

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Funny Wrapping Paper FAQ’s

What is the best gift wrapping for men?

1) Focus on gift wrap options with designs and patterns that a typical man would be proud to show off in front of the guys.
2) Avoid colors and designs that are traditionally considered feminine (ex. pink colors, floral designs, etc).
3) If you know him well enough, you may be able to consider an option that may be considered borderline offensive to some, but funny to a man with a good sense of humor.

How do I wrap a gift?

WikiHow has great instructions to wrap a gift. If you need some help, we recommend taking a look at their step by step guide for how to wrap a gift. YouTube also has a lot of excellent videos that explain how to properly wrap a gift.

What supplies are needed to wrap a gift?

1) Wrapping paper.
2) Scissors.
3) Tape.
4) Ribbon or Bow.
5) Gift tag to let him know the gift is from you.