8 Funny Prank Gift Boxes – Gag Gift Perfection

Last updated June 3, 2022

Prank Gift Boxes

April Fool’s Day is year round for some guys. If you’re looking for a truly memorable prank, why not give the gift of an epic prank gift box? These gift boxes are designed to pull off a successful gag. Whether you’re looking to prank your Dad, your brother, or your best friend, these gift boxes will have them laughing (and maybe even crying) in no time.

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Funny Prank Gift Boxes

If you’re looking for a funny prank gift box, you’ve come to the right place. Prank-O specializes in making gag gift boxes that are guaranteed to get a laugh. So whether you’re looking for a box of birthday surprises or a hilarious way to prank your friends, we’ve got you covered.

Roto Wipe - No more toilet paper!

The "Roto Wipe" promises to rid him of ever wiping himself again! Prank him with this funny gift box.

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Life is better with the “Tech Neck”

Put your real gift in this prank gift box. Be careful, when he opens the box, he may be disappointed that he didn't actually get the “Tech Neck”.

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Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Introducing "Sizzl - Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets”. He'll be stunned for a moment, but he'll hopefully recover when he see's his real gift inside the box.

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Hide-A-Poo Gift Box

Life is easier when you can just hide the dog poop under these "rocks". Gag gift box for men's gifts.

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The "iArm" Gift Box

Prank gift box for his gift. The "iArm" promises to make his tech more accessible with this gadget.

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The “Crib Dribbler” for new Dads

New Dads will love this. Prank him with this “Crib Dribbler” gift box. The new kid can feed himself while in the crib.

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Baby's First Gambling Kit

Dad's have to teach the little ones how to play poker at some point. Get them started early with this gambling kit for baby's... Just kidding of course, but it's a great prank box for his gift.

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The “Plant Urinal”

What will he think about the all new “Plant Urinal”? Great gift box for any occasion.

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Prank Gift Boxes FAQ’s

What is a Prank Gift Box?

Prank gift boxes are a hilarious way to prank your lucky gift recipient. Of course, his real gift goes inside the box. However, he’ll think he’s getting a Bacon Scented Dryer sheets, Baby’s First Gambling Kit, or some other crazy “invention”. Prank gift boxes are made by Prank-O and they were featured on Shark Tank. This is a perfect way to add a guaranteed laugh with his gift.

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