Sporting Event tickets as a Gift your husband – My day at Sofi stadium

Last updated January 22, 2023

There’s no doubt, I love football, and my wife knows it. So, it was an easy win for her when she gave me tickets to watch the Chargers vs Rams on New Years Day at Sofi stadium. My son-in-law and I, who are Rams and Chargers fans respectively, attended the game together.

Attending an NFL game at SoFi Stadium is an experience that should not be missed. I can attest, it was an awesome experience and it was a memorable gift. If you’re thinking about buying tickets to a game as a gift, here’s a few things to consider.

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We purchased our parking ahead of time. This way, we knew exactly where to park and we didn’t have to worry about any parking issues.

At some stadiums, it’s better to take public transportation to the event. Make sure he confirms exactly how he’ll plan to get to the game.


Typically, for a football game, any seat below the “nose-bleed” section is preferred. Obviously, this all depends on your budget. Ideally, seats on lower levels will always have a good view, they don’t have to be field level to be good tickets.


We arrived early and it was a great idea. It allowed us to beat the crowds and we were among the first to enter the stadium. 

The game started at 1:25pm PT and the gates opened at 11am PT. We arrived about 20 min before the gates opened and we were among the first to enter the stadium. We walked straight to our seats and we settled in to watch all the games in real-time.

sofi halo

At Sofi stadium, all of the Sunday football games are played on the giant halo-shaped screen. This was important because my son-in-law and I were battling against each other for the fantasy football championship, which is kind of a big deal. We were able to spend an hour watching all the other games and keeping track of our fantasy scores before the game.

Stadium Store

Some of the best team gear is found at the stadium store. It’s a great opportunity to purchase a new unique team shirt or a new jersey. We were able to take advantage of our early arrival time to visit the stadium store. I bought an excellent new Chargers shirt which is a great souvenir to remember the game by.

Food and Drink

We also had time to get our food and eat right before the game started, which was perfect timing. There’s a variety of options. I had a burrito and a beer. I was good to go before the game started.

The Game

chargers game

The game was awesome! Austin Ekeler ran a 72-yard touchdown and Mike Williams made an incredible catch. These moments were unforgettable. The Chargers played a great game and they won. The DJ and MC did a great job of keeping the crowd entertained. The atmosphere at the stadium was electric. The crowd was engaged throughout the game and the entertainment before and during the game was excellent.


at sofi

In conclusion, an enjoyable experience, like an NFL game, is a great gift option. My wife surprised me with tickets to a game and my visit to Sofi stadium was excellent. The new stadium offers top-notch amenities, great food options, and a lively atmosphere. The entertainment before and during the game was excellent, and the added bonus of being able to watch all the games on the big Halo screen in real-time was a great touch. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting gift for your husband or boyfriend, tickets to an NFL game is a great option. Make sure to arrive early, visit the stadium store, and enjoy the game!

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