How to Select a Premium Domain Name as a Gift

Last updated December 13, 2022

If there’s anything any entrepreneur starting an online business needs is a short, simple, and captivating domain name. 

Looking at major e-commerce domain names like,, and, it becomes clear that a solid, memorable domain name is one of the most valuable assets any online business can own. 

And that makes getting a powerful domain name the best surprise gift you can give to that special entrepreneur. 

But that isn’t the only reason you should consider giving a premium domain name. Let’s take a quick look at why premium domains make the perfect gift.

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Three Great Reasons Why You Should Gift a Domain Name

1. It’s the Unique Gift Every Entrepreneur Needs

Premium domains are the most unique and personal gift any entrepreneur can receive. It’s the perfect way to show them that you love them, value their business ideas, and want them to enjoy success.

Take it from us; that special entrepreneur in your life will value a premium domain name much more than the generic mugs and boxes of chocolate they receive every year.

2. It’s the Best Way to Support a Fresh Entrepreneur

Gifting a new entrepreneur a domain name is the best way to remove the burden of domain acquisition from their shoulders. Not to mention that giving them a premium domain name can motivate them to pursue their dreams with renewed passion.

3. Domains are Versatile Assets for Creative Entrepreneurs

By gifting your special entrepreneur a domain name, you’re giving them digital real estate. And like any critical asset, their domain name can house their professional profile, resume, blog, or e-commerce platform.

Bonus: They’re Long Lasting

Unlike mugs that break, flowers that wither, or boxes of chocolate that’ll get eaten, domain names—which can be registered for up to ten years—remain the same, no matter how long they’re held. And in most cases, these older ‘.com’ domains are much more valuable on the secondary market.

So, now that you understand why you should gift premium domains, it’s time to address the rhino in the room. How can you identify the best premium domain name for their business?

Let’s show you how to go about it.

Tips to Help You Identify the Best Domain Name Gift

Knowing what to look for when selecting a great domain name is the most critical part of the gifting process. And that’s because most people make the mistake of choosing inferior domains instead of premium ones. 

Here are three tips that’ll help you find the best domain name.

1. Ensure it’s a Perfect Match to Their Brand Name

Say you plan on giving a domain name to someone who’s already running a business but doesn’t have a domain name; we highly recommend that you get a domain name that’s an exact match of their business name. 

Suppose they’re still in the early stages of their business. In that case, we suggest you brainstorm with them until they generate the best business name ideas that represent their company—preferably a short, catchy, and memorable one. One thing you don’t want is to spend time and money getting a great domain they’ll not use.

Also, consider getting them a personal domain name if they’re building their personal brand.

2. Always Prioritize Premium Domain Names

We can never say enough about premium domain names and the magnetic pull they have in the market. 

More times than we care to count, having a premium domain name has been the key booster for building a strong online presence and generating high customer traffic. 

Before choosing any domain name, ensuring it is short, simple, memorable, and easy to say. is of utmost priority. Short and simple domain names are highly priced on the secondary market. In fact, the fewer letters, the higher people are willing to pay to acquire them.

And that’s because short domain names are audience friendly, easy to say, recall, type, and recommend, not to mention that they come with little to no confusion. Long domain names like are unnecessarily long, and customers will struggle to recall and recommend them.

3. Use Only Top Level Domain (TLD) Extensions

According to the Domain Name Association, over 1500 domain extensions are currently being used on the internet. 

And although there’s been over 145% growth in domain extensions from previous years to the average customer, there are basically only five core trusted and reliable domain extensions. These extensions are the “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” “.gov,” and “.io” extensions. Country-code TLDs like “.us,” “.uk,” and “.de.” are also reliable extensions. 

Getting these top-level domain extensions is the easiest way to guarantee that the domain name you’re gifting can win customers’ trust. 

If you choose any of the thousands of extensions out there, the chance of your customers remembering your domain will drop drastically. And yes, these other extensions often underperform in search engine ranking.

Leverage Expert Help When Picking a Domain

When trying to pick a great domain name, one mistake most people giving domains for the first time make is that they try to run it alone. And in most cases, they spend more time and money—especially if someone else already owns the domain name they’re targeting—before settling for a low-quality domain name. 

So, if you want to get instant access to the best premium domain name without spending all the time and money in the world, leveraging the expertise of a trusted naming agency is the best way to go. Grant Polachek is the head of branding at, a 3X Inc. 5000 company and groundbreaking naming agency. Squadhelp has analyzed over 1 million names and generated a list of the best domain names on the internet. We are the world’s top crowdsource naming platform, and we’ve served clients ranging from rising startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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