Why are Melin hats so expensive? 4 Good Reasons

Last updated April 21, 2022

Why are Melin hats so expensive?

I have a soft spot for Melin hats. They are some of the finest crafted headwear on today’s market, and they look good too! I love how sleek yet sturdy these caps can be. And they’re perfect to wear both casually or during more formal occasions.

Melin is a Cali-based company that has revolutionized the headwear industry. They’re two guys who spent time traveling around and studying hat making, sourcing out finest materials to make their products look good while also being functional for all types of active lifestyles and they’ve done this without compromising on quality!

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Why are Melin hats so expensive?

Melin is a premium brand that caters to those who are looking for quality. As such, their products have a minimum price tag of $59 dollars which may be twice as much when compared with other brands in the market.

High quality materials and construction

Melin brand hats are made to last. They’re durable and built for your most demanding days, so they can keep up with your daily grind.

Melin sources materials from the most iconic fabric mills in the world and each hat is put through an 88-point inspection, so you know they’re constructed with the finest hand-selected materials in the world.

High-performance athletes put these hats through the toughest conditions, and Melin gear takes the beating while maintaining it’s good stylish looks the entire time.

Hydrophobic technology

Most of the gear the Melin offers includes Hydro technology. In short, their Hydrophobic technology repels water & sweat. There’s an added layer of anti-microbial protection on the triple quilted moisture-wicking interior lining. The visor also keeps the hat buoyant, so it won’t sink.

These hats are built for water and sweat. No matter if you’re taking a dip in the lake or ocean, or walking the golf course on a hot day, all styles in the Hydro collection are water repellent and designed specifically to withstand the toughest water conditions.

They look good

There are five different styles to choose from. All of these hat styles include Hydro technology:

  • Trenches Icon Hydro
  • Odyssey Hydro
  • A-Game Hydro
  • Coronado Hydro
  • Pace Hydro

To ensure a perfect fit, make sure to check out Melin’s handy hat fitting guide. The detailed measurements and diagrams help you determine what type of hats are best suited for your head size or shape.

Here’s all of Melin’s Hydro hats, categorized by style.

Trenches Icon Hydro

Horizon Shape: Flat visor, deeper fitting hat.

Oddyssey Hydro

Split Shape: A split seam at the top-front of the hat creates a classic stylish pointed hat.

A-Game Hydro

Vintage Shape: Classic hat shape with a narrow curved visor.

Coronado Hydro

Split Crushed Shape: Features a rope-trimmed visor. Similar to the Split shape, but a more relaxed look.

Pace Hydro

Camper Shape: Specifically designed for runners and athletes. Features 4-Way Stretch material for a comfortable fit.

  • Pace Hydro

    The Pace Hydro is specifically designed for runners and workout fans. This innovative style originates from melin's passion for sports and active lifestyles. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric that will keep him cool and comfortable during runs and workouts. It’s also machine washable, so it's easy keep clean. Just air dry it after washing and you’re good to go!

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Other Melin Products

In addition to hats, Melin also offers beanies, thermals and accessories.

Customer Service

Each hat includes a 30 day, no questions asked, return or exchange policy, and is backed up by a 2-year limited warranty should anything go wrong.

Melin hats FAQ’s

Are Melin hats worth the price?

As a hat lover, I’ve purchased other nice hats that are not Melin brand. I also paid “extra” for my other nice hats. So, I’m not taken aback by the $60 price per hat. After owning multiple Melin brand hats, I know for sure that they’re well worth the price.

Where can you buy Melin hats?

The best place to purchase is direct via the Melin website. All orders include free shipping for purchases above $75. So, shipping is free if you purchase 2 items or more.

Alternatively, there are a number of other online retailers, including Amazon that sell Melin brand gear. However, 3rd parties typically have smaller inventory options in stock.

If you prefer to purchase in person, check Melin’s store locator to see if any local retailers carry Melin brand hats.

How do you clean Melin hats?

1. Run it under medium temperature running water. Soak the hat throughout.
2. Squirt a small amount of gentle dish soap into your hands and rub your hands together, like youre washing your hands.
3. Using your hands only, throughly wash your hat as you would if you where scrubbing it down with a towel or sponge. Make sure to also clean the interior of the hat.
4. Run it under warm water again and thoroughly wash out all of the soap using your hands only.
5. Shake out all excess water and air dry.

You can watch a full video here.


All hats and products are designed in California. Melin prides themselves on sourcing only the best materials from top of the line fabric mills from all around the world. Production is based in China. No detail is spared in the pursuit of high quality, and it shows in the finished product.

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